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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Camping and Exploring during the 2011 Pahrump T@B Rally

I took the "brats" along for the March 2011 T@B Rally in Pahrump, Nevada at Terrible's Lakeside Casino and RV Park.  All of the Tabbers were lined up lakeside and most of us turned our T@Bs so the doors faced the lake.  The kids had a ball feeding the ducks, they used up more than a loaf of bread during the 3 days we were there.

I had wanted to come back to the rally and the organizers were very gracious to include the kids.  I hope to go again and join in with the other T@BBERS, but with the kids we pretty much tried to stay out of the way and do exploring on our own.

My first destination was China Ranch Date Farm, a place I had wanted to get to since the 2010 rally.  It's quite a road to get there and I was glad I had my Tahoe as it is a little rough and dusty.  We went through some interesting little towns, Tecopa and Shoshone, then through a fantastical landscape similar to the Death Valley area.  See my next blog post for a comprehensive look at our visit to this oasis.

Several groups from the rally spent a day at the Furnace Creek area of Death Valley National Park.  The kids and I took along one of the others and we met up several times with participants throughout the day.  We didn't really do any hiking because the lady we took along with us wasn't interested in that, so we'd like to go back, but it was OK on this trip as I had so many other activities planned and places to go.  I will be adding a blog post about our side trip here also.

We also visited the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, I will be including a post later about this trip as well.  We went to Devil's Hole and it was a devil to get there out in the middle of nowhere.

Of course the highlight of the rally for the kids was the lake, the ducks, and the paddle boats (that was quite a work out, but a lot of fun).  It was so nice of Terry to include them at the pot lucks and drawings, she gave them goodie bags with crayons, little trinkets and books and they each won a prize in the drawings.  We got a nice screwdriver set and a wonderful hot dog roasting stick made by Jim Harvey, our T@B innovator extraordinaire.  With help from Dagon, we put together a puzzle to win a napkin/salt and pepper holder in the shape of a T@B which he also made and which I will always treasure, especially since he has now passed away.  So glad I got to help celebrate his 90th birthday at this rally.

I am so grateful to Terry ( Don't miss her rallies, they are wonderful!!) for allowing me to attend with the kids and all of the other Tabbers for putting up with us. It will be a cherished memory especially since it was the last time I was able to see Pat and Jim Harvey and enjoy their enthusiasm.  I especially want to thank Dagon's new best friend, Mick;  and also Susan who presented each of us with a framed photo, here's mine and I treasure it.



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